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  • When will I get my cookies?
    All cookies are baked fresh during the week and will be shipped out no later than the following MONDAY. All orders must be placed my SUNDAY night to be prepared and shipped the following Monday. So if you order on a Monday, your order may not go out for 7 days.
  • Can I mark this as a gift?
    You are such a great friend, spouse, co-worker. Cookies are a wonderful gift. Just drop a note at checkout that this is a gift. However, no payment details are sent with our packages so your recipient will never know how much you paid.
  • How big are your cookies?
    Our core cookies are approximately 3 oz. Our regular cookies are 5-6 oz.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Cancellations and refunds are not offered at this time. All cookies are baked to order as soon as the order is accepted. Please make sure you are 100% sure about what delicious cookie you want before hitting that payment button.
  • What is the best way to heat my cookies?
    From room temperature: Place in air fryer/oven at 350 for 4 minutes. If you are in a rush, you can microwave your cookie for 12-15 seconds. From frozen: Let you cookie come to room temperature BEFORE heating.
  • How long will my cookies last?
    Unlike a lot of cookies, our cookies are individually wrapped and sealed. This ensures freshness up to 2 weeks left on your counter-top or fridge. However, if you don't plan to eat them immediately, cookies will last in the freezer up to 6 months!
  • What are the macros for each cookie?
    I get it, you want to plug the macros into your tracker so you stay on point. Unfortunately, cookies are a guilty pleasure so the macros are UNKNOWN! However, I will do you a solid and give you a rough estimate if you want to track. Are you ready? 120c / 20f / 8p which is 692 calories
  • Are these cookies healthy?
    If by healthy you mean low sugar, reduced fat and packed with protein...then NO! If by healthy you mean made with a lotta butter and love...then YES! YES! YES! These are the healthiest cookies ever.
  • Allergens?
    All cookies are made in a kitchen that contains nuts and byproducts. Some cookies themselves contain: soy, milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts and/or tree nuts. However, gluten free and dairy free versions of cookies are available. Vegan option are not available at this time.
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